Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2009

Demo Tours 2

Parlamentsferien in Island sind endlich vorbei. Buchen Sie noch heute!

"Riot at the Parliement building - protest january 20 2009 iceland part 3"

Kommentar von dorisig:

Today ,the 20th january 2009,the Icelandic parliement members came back to parliement building after christmass vacation.
At the building where lot of people protesting the economic crisis,and demandig the resignation of the goverment and the central bank CEO.
People went aroudn the parliement and into the garden ,and police tried to get them out of the garden.
People had pots and pans and everything to make as much noise as possible,to distrubt the work at the Parliement.
Then riot Police came and used pepperspray and arrested protesters.

Nachtrag: Proteste auf Island gehen auch heute am 21.01.2009 weiter:

"Riot in Iceland - 21 january 2009 --- day two"

Kommentar dorisig:

People protested again today in Reykjavik.
First at the govemnet house - where the prime minister had problems driving away.
Police had to assist him ,and eggs and other stuff where thrown at his car.
Then the protesters continued protesting at the parliment building.
Parliement work was suspended today ,after the protest yesterday .
Protesters made fires around in front odf the parliement.
Police ,had trouble putting the fires out.
They are still downtown protesting.

Peopel are still demanding the resigantoion of the goverment ,and central bank CEO.

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