Dienstag, 12. August 2008

Links 12.08.2008

JPMorgan Chase muss Verluste bei Hypotheken in Höhe 1,5 Mrd innerhalb von 2 Monaten hinnehmen. Die Aktie hat den höchsten Tagesverlust seit sechs Jahren und fällt um fast 1o % auf knapp $ 38.

"This is as close to the perfect storm as the bank can get,'' sagte Richard Bove, Analyst von Ladenburg Thalmann & Co

"U.S. banks have tightened lending terms on all major loan categories during the previous three months", laut Quartalsbericht der FED gestern.

by bloomberg

Freddie Mac said it will not purchase subprime mortgages secured by properties in New York state with note dates on or after Sept. 1.

by WSJ


"significant doubt on our ability to continue as a going concern"

"... our regulators are continually monitoring our liquidity and capital adequacy. Based on their assessment of our ability to continue to operate in a safe and sound manner, our regulators may take other and further action, including assumption of control of the Bank, to protect the interests of depositors insured by the FDIC."

aus dem Geschäftsbericht der Vineyard National, Aug 11, 2008 via CR


"... the OTS, the Bank’s principal regulator, has also imposed the following limitations on the Holding Company and the Bank:
Downey is subject to higher regulatory assessments and FDIC deposit insurance premiums than those prevailing in prior periods"

aus dem Geschäftsbericht der DOWNEY FINANCIAL Corp. August 11, 2008 via CR


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