Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Roubini Watchblog 2

Nouriel Roubini in Madrid im Bloomberg Interview: Youtube Teil 1, Teil 2

Auszüge aus dem Interview mit Roubini in der Nachricht bei Bloomberg vom 24.10.2008:

Things are getting worse, they are not getting better,''

There's an increased risk of a ``multi-year economic stagnation'' in the U.S.

we have a whole set of emerging market economies in trouble. Even a few of them going bust may cause systemic trouble.

During the Great Depression, output in the U.S. fell by more than 20 percent, I don't believe that's going to be the case.

The European Central Bank should provide much more monetary easing and governments around the world must put together a massive fiscal stimulus package after action so far failed to halt the stock-market rout. The U.S. bank bail- out plan will likely require between $600 billion and $700 billion.

Außerdem geht Roubini davon aus, dass der S&P 500 bei einem KGV von 10 bis 12 bei 600 bzw 720 fair bewertet ist. Aber angesichts der Panik könnte ein Fall unter die Marken möglich sein.

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